Charity Show in aid of The Aruba Donkey Sanctuary.
Entries £7 members/£9 non members
Rosettes to 6th
Classes may be split if sufficient entries

Points for PDRC members
Placings from this show will count towards the end of year awards for PDRC members

Start: 9:30am
All working hunter classes will jump their round, followed by a set show straight after.
You will be scored by how many poles you have down, including the style of your round and how obediently your horse goes in the show.
CLASS 1- Beginners Working Hunter
Jumps not to exceed 60cm. Not to have placed in any novice working hunter classes. Horses and ponies will jump together but be placed separately. Ponies not to exceed 14.2hh.
CLASS 2-Novice
Jumps not to exceed 80cm. Not to have placed in any open working hunter classes. Horses and ponies will jump together but be placed separately. Ponies not to exceed 14.2hh.
CLASS 3- Open
Jumps not to exceed 1meter. Horses and ponies will be placed separately.

Ridden Showing
Start: 1:30
Arena 1&2 will run at the same time.
All horses and ponies placing first or second will automatically go through to a championship class at the end of class 7.

CLASS 4: Novice showing (canter in individual show only)
CLASS 5: Ridden M&M Small/Large breeds
(Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland, New Forest, Welsh section A & B NOT to exceed 122cm) (Welsh section C & D, Large new forests, Connemara’s)
CLASS 6: Ridden TRADITIONAL Horse/Pony
Ponies not to exceed 14.2hh. Ponies and horses must have feathers and a traditional long mane.
Open to any height. Must have previous hunting experience.

Height not to exceed 14.2hh. Rider must be under 10 years and has been riding less than 2 years.
CLASS 9: COB Horse/Pony
Horses and Ponies will be judged together. Any cobs other than traditional cobs are welcome.
Horses and Ponies are judged together. Horses must be over the age of 15 years. Open to any type.

Some of the students from Askham Bryan College are visiting the Donkey sanctuary in Aruba this summer to help out for two weeks so they wanted to raise some funds for the Sanctuary to take with them when they go.
Founded in 1997 as a non profit and completely volunteer run organization, their mission is simple, save donkeys. Upon arrival to this safe haven the donkeys are all given names, food, water, shelter, quality health care and lots of love.
There is no admission fee to the sanctuary though generous donations are greatly appreciated and are what keeps the sanctuary running
The sanctuary currently has over 140 donkeys.
If you would like to have a look for yourself here is the link to the donkey sanctuary website

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